Monday, 5 April 2010

Google Vs Apple and the future of Flash

Google, the worlds largest search engine with 66% market share in 2009, is currently involved in a fight against Apple, "the worlds most admired company", which could decide the future of HTML5 and the Flash platform.

If you haven't heard about this before then here’s a quick run down:
Apple has controversially decided to not include Flash on the iPhone and more recently the iPad and is instead supporting the new video technologies being introduced in HTML5
Google is indifferent providing the Flash platform on its Android OS.

In more recent news Google has decided to bundle its Chrome browser with a version of Flash, making it pre-installed on any computer that uses Chrome as a browser.

Flash and OSX

I think it is important to understand that Flash hasn't been the most co-operative with Apple, although admittedly they have released Flash for OSX, it's performance is appalling. I ran a test of playing a video on YouTube using Flash or using HTML5 (you can opt in for the HTML5 trial here! You need to be using Chrome or Safari as your browser) and the results speak for them selves. Flash used almost 49% CPU whereas HTML5 and the H.264 codec in safari used but 22% and this is playing a single video.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

New Blog

Yep, I've decided to start a blog on technology, hardly original but i want to get my views out there!

Over the coming months i'll be updating this space with my opinions on up and coming technologies and companies making an impact in todays technological society.

Talk to you soon!